DALL·E 2022-09-09 09.20.05  Dolphin OpenAI DALL-E 2  GPT-3 image processor.“OpenAI DALL·E is a 12billion parameter training version of the GPT3 transformer model. It was trained on a dataset of approximately 30 million web pages. The model can generate images from textual descriptions, and the results are often remarkable. For example, when asked togenerate a picture of a baby elephant,” it produces a realistic image. OpenAI DALL·E has achieved impressive results on a range of natural language tasks. For example, it can generate realistic images from textual descriptions, and it can generate naturalsounding text. However, the model is also capable of more creative applications, such as generating images of animals that do not exist or creating works of art. While OpenAI DALL·E is an impressive model, it is not without limitations. The model sometimes produces images that are inaccurate or bizarre. However, as the model is further refined, it is likely that these limitations will be addressed.” (TEWAI)


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