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About PPNI

Periodic Paralysis Network, Inc. (PPNI) is a privately owned S-Corporation recognized by the IRS. John D. Hunter and Susan Q. Knittle-Hunter serve in dual capacities as board members and majority shareholders. PPNI became incorporated in Washington State, on October 01, 2014. The funds used to incorporate came from book sales and private party donations. PPNI provides assistance to individuals with Periodic Paralysis (PP) through Awareness, Support, Education, and Advocacy (ASEA). PPNI Publishing (PPNIPub) was formed and adopted by PPNI in 2015. The Eclectic Way (TEW), AI Art Outlet (AIO), and AI Renditons (AIR) were formed and adopted by PPNI in 2022. The primary purposes of PPNI, PPNI Publishing, TEW, AIR, and AIO are Education, Support, Publishing, Research, and Entertainment. The adoption and infusion of Generative AI (GAI) occurred in 2022. The imaging and writing capabilities of GAI greatly enhanced the quality of materials and delivery methods of PPNI goals and objects to a global audience. PPNI marketing strategies include Social Media outlets such as Facebook, Youtube, and Amazon,